The Sword of truth

Insights from Kaicho Farzinzad

May 8, 2011

The expression of the Sword of Truth from IKU is not one meant to insult or look down on people. The main priority of this remark is to promote and create unity amongst the Kyokushin members and to help maintain good relations with other martial styles. However, our relations with other styles is not sincere if we are not unified as members of Kyokushin, first.

Mr. Matsui had all possible opportunity to have an exceptional organization. But, he did not seek true masters. He only gives the prize to the people who are harmless (for the formality of business), and does not allow powerful people to stand shoulder to shoulder with him and help him to make a larger and stronger Kyokushin organization. He does not have the guts, or a true sense of leadership.

For example, the Kyokushin world was claimed in 1994. It has a population of 20,000,000 people worldwide. Did you ever think about why you only see Yuzo Goda, Seiji Isobe, Peter Chong, Bobby Lowe, Loek Hollander (presently marching to the beat of his own drum and preparing to make nice with Royama) and that lunatic in New York? There are 195 countries in the world and these are the only people we see!? Who gave authority to this small handful of people, out of 195 countries, to run our organization?

Seventeen years after Sosai passed, Matsui and his handful of people have done nothing but upset and discourage Kyokushin members worldwide and also have assassinated the character of Grandmasters. If Matsui had guts, he never would have jiggled this organizations name. If a court of law ordered Matsui to be expelled from Kyokushin, he should not use Kyokushin, Kyokushin members, or Kyokushin logo. The members of ichigiki can tattoo ichigiki on their own chest, but they have no right to place ichigiki on their arm and their pants. True devoted members of Sosai placed the calligraphy on the left side of their chest and the kanku on their left arm and would keep this privilege as long as they practice martial arts. Matsui should not change this tradition.

One other matter the new generation should know about is that Sosai was a lonely man. His talent made people in society crowd around him, but always asking. Sosai was a giving man and the style he created is truly exceptional. If some other students of his changed the name but still used his structure, we should forgive them and accept that they are human and have a weakness. The consequence of this type of ego is a small organization with giant problems. Sosai’s personality was one that always did kind and offered courtesy to many big bellied and useless people. They never were loyal or knowledgeable or powerful for Kyokushin, they were just acting like a parasite of the Kyokushin body. They misused Sosai’s trust and courtesy and they left his legacy, anyway, for another way.

With this many problems, the new generation has to be courageous and have desire to be powerful. We should not betray the Kyokushin way and Sosai’s spirit. In order to accomplish this, we need to be sincere with ourselves and humble with others.

Matsui, my suggestion to you is to remove the Kyokushin calligraphy off the chest of your uniform, because the ichigiki is like an oil stain standing over the clean water of Kyokushin…they do not mix together and no matter how hard you try, they never will. I am so sorry for your followers of ichigiki…I am sorry that they think they are practicing Kyokushin. Some have convinced themselves that they don’t care about politics, but the fact of the matter is, this thought, alone, is dirty politics. Some followers don’t have anything in their hand, but still manage to do everything with as much aggression as possible in order to gain something out of this foggy atmosphere.

Many private messages to me have asked about why Mr. Hollander had been with Mr. Matsui for one and a half decades and then left. I think it should be pretty clear that the answer to this question is in the question itself. Handling an international organization needs a leader with a lifetime of commitment devoted to the organization. People love to use the word international and world in a title, but even with twice the authority and opportunity, they can not handle the execution of that position, leaving the group, in this case the sincere Kyokushin members all around the world, with a lot of anxiety and pressure.

Next time I will speak out about the man made organization called IKO2 which, when they started to have problems with Matsui and when they successfully created a relation with the moral, legal, custodian of Mas Oyama’s private property and Kyokushinkaikan why they did not continue the battle under that ceiling against the unwanted leader.

It is the bravery that we need on our side to take back all Kyokushin dignity, power, and unity.

Kaicho David Farzinzad


International Kyokushin kai Organization (IKU)

April 23, 2011

Dear Friends,

Mr. Matsui, the IKO2 board of directors (past and present), Mr.Yoshikazu Matsushima and Mr.Hatsuo Royama have not offered anything or added anything posotive to Kyokushin Karate. They have never tried to unify or gather all members around the world under one style. They spread arrogance to the members instead of teaching them to be humble. They each believe their organization is legit and others are not. Realistically, anyone who places the Kyokushin logo on their chest is equal with any other from aywhere else and deserves the ultimate respect.

Sosai completed the world championship five times over a period of twenty years. Under his supervision, it was successfull and powerful. This is the best proof and documentation of Kyokushin Karate as the first and last, bare hand, bare feet, full contact form of fighting in martial arts history.

Kyokushin came from Japan but does not belong to Japan. The fact of the matter is the Japanese members right now are a part of the minority in this large international crowd, and they have shown that they do not want to share with other countries technical and administrative authority. They consume international publicity and income for their own desires instead of sharing and giving back to the Kyokushin members in the world. Any master and any member of Kyokushin from any nation has something to offer. We should agree to place the greed and jealousy to the side and shake hands with each other and reunite Kyokushan Karate, step by step, practically, morally, and spiritually. Soon, our fighters must prepare to overcome successfully any sort of mixed martial arts challenge and, the next big step, UFC. With this goal and mission there is no time to be arrogant or have a greedy attitude. It is too embarassing to use jealousy as a weapon and the ego desires.

After all that was accomplished Kyokushin Karate has been internally infected with arrogance. The arrogance has beat out humilty and infected the entired body of Kyokushin members. Members of this organization have had hesitations with communication with others and choose to stand with arrogance vs. humility. The target and goals should be practiced to gain and hold power, with respect to seniority, and to unite through love and caring and holding the strenght with this type of practice, with this most powerful empty hand combat on the earth.

On behalf of myself and the Farzinzad family, my head is down with much sympathy for the recent disaster that took place in the Japan. My prayers are with all people and families and all the losses and difficulties they are facing. I wish them success in this hard time and for them to overcome these hard times and to soon see better days.


Kaicho – IKU Headquarters USA

February 13, 2011

Subject – Mr. Matsui

Dear Brave Martial Artists and Kyokushin Members,

The previous message expressed my opinion professionally, from a business stand point in marketing, regarding the lack of management in the Kyokushin world, in the Kyokushin Karate Ocean. How Mr. Matsui assaulted Kyokushin Karate with another point of view where he placed Francisco Filho vs. Andy
Hug in the tournament of Mr. Ishi called K1. This tournament represents Seido – kan and is pure buisness. There is nothing wrong with promoters and how they interpret tournaments with diversity and expressions of different talents. But, one thing could tarnish the Kyokushin reputation and Sosai’s manner.

Sosai, right or wrong, expelled Andy Hug because he participated in K1. That expression of Sosai demonstrates how there is sensitivity with the conflict of interest benefitting another specific style. However, Filho is one of the great fighters and an honorable young man in the Kyokushin style. Now imagine the incident of Andy Hug and Sosai as it happened after the 5th world championship in Tokyo. Simply, Andy Hug participated in Seido tournament. There are thoughts in the back of my mind on the idea of Andy Hug and Kenji Yamaki. They were both victimized with the brave character they had. Somehow the Japanese political point of view victimized them both. As a result, Andy Hug tried to find a better opportunity for his future. I always salute his soul and pray for his family, no matter what style he practices, he is a Kyokushin treasure forever…a symbol of dignity, class, and character.

Mr. Matsui should not, because of his sadness and Sosai’s anger over Andy, plan a tournament of Seido, and copy and overwrite Kyokushin karate. There are certain consequences in allowing Filho to fight in this tournament. No matter what happens, if Filho wins or loses, the Kyokushin manner is insulted because Matsui didn’t have the guts to keep the Kyokushin tournament powerful enough to invite other styles to participate in a Kyokushin tournament and gain and keep the publicity for the Kyokushin world. Instead, he endorses Kyokushin fighters to participate in an opposing style and benefits the opposing style. This all further establishes Mr. Matsui’s character as a broker and a sweet-heart for other styles. Andy Hug, and many others like him, with big marketing and endorsement they got from other styles, they knew to have another logo on their chest, like a big whale from the Kyokushin Ocean living in a little pond of another style. As a result, all powerful Kyokushin fighters have been exported to other organizations which Sosai had conflicts of interest with. Matsui decided to be the sweet heart to the big shots. It is very sad and difficult for me to express this.

The reason why I say all of this is simply because Kyokushin has a lot of powerful and brilliant masters who Mr. Matsui has made to retire and sent them home, never to share their professional remarks to better Kyokushin, and dismissed their Grandmasters professional opinions like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

The last upsetting incident Mr. Matsui caused was losing one of the most honorable characters in Kyokushin history, Shihan Loek Hollander and his colleagues and his influential branches in his region of Europe.

Mr. Matsui owes Shihan Loek Hollander an apology. Matsui accused Shihan Loek Hollander of being like a splinter of Kyokushin. Matsui should have recognized when he was a teenager that Shihan Loek Hollander was one of the major assets on the IKO board of directors. Shihan Loek Hollander worked hard to spread Kyokushin knowledge around the world, especially in Europe and any tournament Matsui Son participated in as a fighter, Shihan Loek Hollander was promoting those tournaments as one of the chief referee. Shihan Hollander will always and forever be a Kyokushin legend, and no one can say otherwise. Every Kyokushin member around the world should respect the European legends and interpret respect to them as a necessity. Europeans, in general, share a big chunk of the Kyokushin responsibility because the main part of the art came from a European Master and they created so much excitement and dynamic energy for Kyokushin.

My thoughts, as this part of history comes to my mind, are like salt on an open wound. From a professional standpoint, we should first talk openly about the deterioration of the Kyokushin foundation. Second, we should try and fix the problem and prevent it from happening again to the greatest style in the world. One style, on behalf of karate, kick boxing, and other martial ways, including MMA and UFC, deserves to participate in the Olympics, and that is Kyokushin, the ultimate style born from the ultimate man.

See you in the next chapter and please feel free to express your opinion openly regardless of whether you agree or disagree. Both are highly respected.


Kaicho Farzinzad

February 5, 2011

Dear friends and fellow members,

As I began in the last Sword of Truth, I would like to express my professional opinion regarding Mr Matsui’s Kyokushin activity after Sosai passed away. I do not have any personal reservations toward any individuals based on my personal interests. Sosai delivered the most ultimate and dynamic style of the Martial way in this world, but it has since been turned to an abusive way, and a field of assassin characters driven to poor business that conflicts with the moral and the spiritual statutes required of every human being.

Let’s talk about Mr Matsui, and what happened when he took over the organization and claimed himself it’s supreme power, a second Sosai. He and his colleges are an abusive group to Kyokushin. He has been hiding behind his world championship title, and 100 man kumite. Those two achievements happened because Sosai wanted them too, and he should review how much Sosai endorsed him. Whatever happened in Japan one thing is clear, he as the leader of the organization, should have the basic legal, moral, and leadership information and knowledge that you can not go take over other people’s personal property and their belongings. After Sosai passed away, Kyokushin Kai Kan, all the materials thereof, and its information and assets should have been returned by Mr. Matsui, who somehow took charge, to the Sosai family, and allow them to choose who to share the organization with by gathering all Kyokushin members around the world, to support, salute, and protect the Sosai’s family and from then on ruling Kyokushin together. This is shameful, and he alone is not to blame. This is an embarrassment for those who feel themselves to be grand masters and are conspirators with him in this huge mistake. Those that endorsed him should return to their own dojo’s and no longer use the international level of activity and management.

My friends remember, what goes around comes around. He took over with those conspirators and those conspirators shook hands with him and together broke the promises owed the Sosai family, because after Sosai passed away, he did not give back appreciation to the family, nor to Mrs. Oyama herself. Now she has passed away. Those empty suits didn’t realize how they abandoned honor, respect and loyalty to their own Sensei. Mrs. Oyama, with the wise age she had did not deserve this along side of loosing her husband, the spirit of Martial Arts and Founder of the strongest style in the world, to have to meet with attorneys,
judges, and legal authorities to claim her right. To practice Kyokushin is a privilege not a right, and the building itself, Masutatsu Oyama owns it. Any law, any legal statute from any country including Japan, the custodian alone is his wife. The will needs to be returned back to the family. Mr. Matsui and his friends should know better. They did not build Kyokushin, nor did they do any favor to it. If he believed Kyokushin, Mr. Matsui would not use its caligraphy for the name Ichigeki, which looks like a cat jumping through windows into people’s property or going through their doors, quietly stealing their food and escaping smoothly out to imagine how to do it once more. If he truly stood behind the honor and dignity of a 100 man kumite, and the respect owed his master, he would stand behind the logo on his chest. This is illegal. Either you are Kyokushin or not Kyokushin. After Sosai, Matsui truly diminished the respect between students and their teachers. As well as for young people by diminishing their learning to move on with their daily practice of zipping their mouths, and practicing honorably under their Sensei’s consistently for decades; rather they forget where they came from. He gave them entitlements, not as a grandmaster but by turning and showed himself as a dirty western boxing broker.

So my friends, for this message, I said as much as I could; the first mistake of Mr Matsui was taking away other people’s property and hiding behind two titles, the 100 man kumite, and the world championship, and with this developing a sense of entitlement to become above the law and constitution. There are other issues to be addressed as soon as God gives me the strength and your magnetic and honorable desire allows me to do so. Somebody must say it, who better than Farzinzad, because no one has said it in 17 years. After I address more on Mr. Matsui’s issues, IKO2 will be coming up. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask., and please don’t forget your job to practice Kyokushin.


Kaicho David Farzinzad

January 8, 2011

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I wish for 2011 to be a year of peace and kind relations with all individuals in any and all ethnic groups.

Kyokushin has a lot of problems. It has been fractured. This damage is not for the nature of the style. Kyokushin karate is the spirit of the martial arts. The problem is lack of strong relationships and good communication between high ranks. The IKU philosophy is to discover the problems, analyze and talk about them until a solution is found. That is our main purpose. Regardless of what group of people we are, everyone is alone with their own journey and destination. The best leaders are a group of experts who place the freedom of human beings and each individual first and are willing to talk and offer service.

I, personally, do not back down in this belief, because in my experience that it is the right thing to do, talk about the facts and respect and honor them. It does not bother me that some opportunists create big distances between individuals and instructors to be upset about my messages. I am following the philosophy by speaking about what is causing a problem, and how to find the solution to solve the problem.

My advice to all Kyokushin members who place themselves to the certain channels,you should break that wall. I’m asking you as a human being, why do you like members of your own organization, but you do not like members of other Kyokushin organizations? Why do you think it is wrong, for another follower to want to be strong like you? In the Kyokushin world, you saw so much hot sake, parties, and kampai, only to avoid your homework. IKU values those who are sober, smart and kind and those who never try and escape their responsibilities and commitments. Kyokushin is like a lion family, not for two faced weaklings and backstabbers (fox). I wish you to make kind relations with other Kyokushin groups, simply because that way you protect your freedom.

Next message I will analyze Mr. Matsui’s Kyokushin career.

There is a lot to say, and I will say it all with my greatest respect for those who agree and disagree with me.


Kaicho David Farzinzad

Director, IKU

December 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your messages indicating agreement or disagreement in response to my previous posts. The numerous private messages were greatly appreciated.

The purpose of explaining my opening statement is for the members and supporters of Kyokushin karate. You must create a secure atmosphere for rules and regulations of traditional Kyokushin; for past, present and future generations.

When Sosai was alive, Kyokushin rules and regulations were completed. There is no need for any change in katas or ranks.

Kyokushin is the ultimate art of kick and punch. It takes skill and mastery to fulfill this accomplishment…it takes decades to perfect. Throughout a lifetime of achievement, if you honorably follow the lessons, you will find there is still so much more to learn and achieve.

As a result, you should always stand and remind yourself to be humble. To respect Sosai’s soul and his family should be a priority for everyone. But to abuse his character, his name, his memory, and his great style is prohibited. Practicing Kyokushin is a privilege, not a right. Out of respect for Sosai Mas Oyama’s spirit, one should not use Kancho or Sosai’s title.

Instructors should back their focus up to teach the public Kyokushin karate. On a daily basis, focus should be on the improvement and the quality of service to each member. All members should be treated equally with the ultimate respect and attention.

Lets face it, Kyokushin has been seriously infected with egos, greed, and jealousy. Whomever you are in the Kyokushin world, you are what you are.

Make sure you deal with beginners and high ranks with humility. Kyokushin members need to regain, after a great loss the respect and humility Sosai Oyama worked so hard for. Your obligated to be brave and follow the Kyokushin way. There is still more to say, and I will say it…in the future.


Kaicho David Farzinzad

November 9, 2010

Dear fellow friends and Kyokushin family members,

I would like to raise a question: When Sosai passed away, with so much publicity and so much cash flow, where did it go? What happened to it? This group of people, they think they are father, leader, and grandmaster. With the founder, favor was shown to some, but they are now nothing except empty suits. With all Sosai gave to them, they learned to abuse: if their hand is short, they blame the other one. There is no sense of negotiation or compromise, because they are simply not leaders.

This is who you choose to follow? Have these so called “grandmasters” ever thought consciously that they owe at least a report of finance, income or administration to the sincere Kyokushin members? Have any of these so called leaders ever been asked what happened to this organization which used to be one complete, unified organization?

We are striving to live the “brave” way. I will express, without hesitation, on behalf of all the silenced Kyokushin members, raise your voice, stand tall and have sharp eyes. Remember, we are honored to practice the most powerful and meaningful style of karate. Before you train, in order to be a Kyokushin ka, the requirement for yourself is to have an intelligent mind and a kind heart and not to accept, without study, anything. You, as a Kyokushin supporter, are accountable to control, through leadership, who does what. Keep an open mind, kind heart, and practice extreme discipline.

I wish health and prosperity for you and your family.

Kaicho David Farzinzad

October 18, 2010

Dear Kyokushin Members and Kyokushin Supporters:

In order to accomplish Sosai Mas Oyama’s dreams and orders the true masters of Kyokushin should drop thier white and orange tuxedos and pick up thier karate uniforms. They should have kind hearts, intelligent minds, and powerful bodies. Exciting training with high temperatures of the body and silver sweat. With all these combined all the problems in Kyokushin will be solved in less than a decade.

Kaicho Farzinzad